DSM-5-TR Classification

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Autor American Psychiatric Association
Idioma Inglés
GTIN 9780890425831
This handy DSM-5-TR Classification provides a ready reference to the DSM-5-TR classification of disorders, as well as the DSM-5-TR listings of ICD-10-CM codes for all DSM-5-TR diagnoses. To be used in tandem with DSM-5-TR or the Desk Reference to the Diagnostic Criteria From DSM-5-TR the DSM-5-TR Classification makes accessing the proper diagnostic codes quick and convenient.This resource provides quick access to the following: • The DSM-5-TR classification of disorders, presented in the same sequence as in DSM-5-TR with ICD-10-CM codes. All subtypes and specifiers for each DSM-5-TR disorder are included.• An alphabetical listing of all DSM-5-TR diagnoses with their associated ICD-10-CM codes.• Separate numerical listings according to the ICD-10-CM codes for each DSM-5-TR diagnosis.• For all listings, any codable subtypes and specifiers are included with their corresponding ICD-10-CM codes, if applicable. The easy-to-use format will prove indispensable to a diverse audience—clinicians in a variety of fields, including psychiatry, primary care medicine, and psychology; coders working in medical centers and clinics; insurance companies processing benefit claims; individuals conducting utilization or quality assurance reviews of specific cases; and community mental health organizations at the state or county level.
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